About Us

“Knowledge shall increase in the last days says the Bible. It also says that due to lack of knowledge people perish. How true. We see an explosion of knowledge all over the world today. Technology is advancing at such a pace that the utilities of yesterday have become redundant today. On the other hand the lack of understanding due to illogical use of knowledge has become the cause of destruction of many. “

The school was established in 1985 by the great visionaries with the view to bring in innovation in teaching methodology aiming to improve pupil performance. The policies of school have got large amount of attention. The sole endeavour is to be innovative in the quest for optimal gain or development of the child. The school in co-educational day-cum-boarding where accommodation is provided to hundreds of boys students. 

The school upholds the founders commitment to excellence in all fileds with emphasis to excel in all fields. It considers erudition to be a life long process which should have a strong foundation. 

The vision of school is to take on the world with confidence and blaze a try through life with conviction a great deal. The objective is to make learning an important resource for the child’s social behaviour and personality and zero in on to value based education to accomplish the objective. It is said life is a long journey that takes down many winding roads. Yet the most indispensible steps come at early age. Hence the onus of the school is to bring up the students, in their due course of education, in such affactionate, caring and disciplined way that they could play utmost important and purposeful role for the society, country or the entire humanity and they oculd get unparallel knowledge and vibrant dynamism for themselves. 

The teacher-students relationship is one of the first ties the child forms outside the family which is quite special in its own sense and way and life at Glenhill School centres around all such commitment whether academically or non-academically to cement a strong and trustworthy bond between teachers and students. Hence, because of all this, desirous results have shown up as our luminaries are every in walk of life be it sports, medicine, engineering, politics, multinational companies or bureaucracy.

Genhill School is located near to the Manduadih railway station, Varanasi, Up and spread out in 4 acres ground. It has itself a very high standard focusing at the comprehensive, artistic, touching, intellectual as well as corporeal functioning of each and every student. This is very leading and foremost public school in the Varanasi set up as an experiment in the education field. Glenhill believes in offering reservation and hesitation free education. Close interconnection of the physical, moral and intellectual follows by this school as a sound system of the education. 

It is associated with the central board of secondary education, New Delhi. It provides a flow of science as well as commerce to the XI and XII classes. Students at the Glenhill can easily explore their talent using all the inestimable facilities and opportunities. There is a big play ground with the special facilities for a variety of sports activities such as cricket, table tennis, football, volleyball and many more. Special coaches in order to train the students as well as the verdant green nearby areas have great importance to the eyes. The school has enrolled students around 2K plus with the dedicated and competent faculties. 

The educational session of the school begins early in the month of April every year and finishes in the month of March of the next year. Admission opens in the month of February for lower classes and admission to higher classes depends on the seats available (generally begins at the end of March). After admission registration students have to beat an admission test both written as well as oral. Admission notices are published in the school board as well as all the foremost newspapers.

  • Glenhill School is an exclusively, English medium school, is setting new standards in the education of children & has become an institute of continuously growing repute.
  • Gives your child value based comprehensive & quality education with the latest teaching methodology supported by excellent infrastructure & learning material.
  • Has pollution free campus in the city amidst greenery.
  • Emphasis on academics together with a variety of co-curricular activities throughout the year ensuring holistic development & tapping academic talent.
  • Has trained & motivated teachers who are continuously involved in refreshing their knowledge & experimenting to make learning easier and more effective.
  • To understand the difference between our school & others experience it yourself with your child.
  • We provide classrooms, latest aids and educational apparatuses with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Lab, Activity Hall, Library, Composite Lab, Music Room etc. to create a suitable atmosphere for teaching & learning process. “Glenhill School” is about responsible relationship with parents and students. It is about helping your child to become the best.

our mission

That provides perceptive teaching that awakens the creative and leaderships skills dormant in every individual. .

our vision

To create a path-breaking educational institution that keeps pace with the rapid strides being made in the field of knowledge.

our values

Continue to build constructive relationships with all our parents, teachers and students, thereby creating a positive school climate.